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My pricing structure is simple. You will know your exact cost for a given procedure. There are no co-payments. In return, I require upfront payment for service.


I generally do not give price quotes over the phone. You will need to see me in person for a treatment plan is customized for you. 


I do not accept payments from dental insurance.

If you have insurance then you can probably still use it — but that will be entirely between you and your insurance company. I require full upfront payment for all treatments. If you have dental insurance, they can reimburse you directly. Everyone’s insurance plan is different. My office does not act as a liaison between you and your insurance. 

Here is the good news, for those of you who are insured: my fees are surprisingly low. They might not even be much more than your co-pay at other offices!


I require a non-refundable deposit of $45.00 for any billable appointment. Your deposit is forfeited if you miss your appointment. Otherwise, it will be credited toward your treatment. 

Other interesting options: warranty plan. Also, see upgrade to implants plan: https://infinitydentalclinic.co.uk/denplan-3/