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More information to come.

This page is for patients who have agreed to participate in my educational courses. Information will be included here that explains the opportunities and agreements associated with it.


Discuss the terms of free care — what is included and what is not. 

Explain that your needs have to fit with what we are doing in the course. 

Explain that it has been a great success so far. Show photos of the clinic floor in action, and different group photos from the clinic floor. Explain that the implant placements have been excellent. And that the doctors are already experienced. 

Explain that there are limits on what is free and what is not. Make a video that explains what is provided for free: the implant placement, and the uncovery surgery when it is needed. 

Contact Lauren at KCSI for more information. 

Provide links to paperwork: the consent and the informational site that Lauren created. 

If you want to see me for your ongoing care, contact us. See <<linked page>> for informaiton on the prosthetic process. (do videos that detail each visit. invote them to go tot he virtual studio…