Harmony | Implant Studio

Are you in need of dental implants or associated procedures? Maybe you are ready now for an implant, or maybe you need extractions or bone grafting.

Visit my virtual studio to learn more. I am here to help you.

NOTE: If you have been a patient in one of my implant courses at Roseman University, come see me at my studio. Thanks to the generosity of Blue Sky Bio and Beehive Dental Labs, I can do your implant crowns for a very nice price. Just call or email, and we’ll set up an appointment to get the process started for you. Click here for more information.



I want to invite you to my office for continuing care. I will do your implant crown and abutment for a very good price. And if you need an uncovering surgery, I am happy to do that for you at no cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I know if I am a candidate for dental implant treatment?

It all starts with an exam. Come see me if you would like an assessment. I don’t sell. I educate. I will not pressure you into treatment.

ALSO: you may be a candidate at one of my educational courses. This is especially true if you are missing back teeth. In this case, the cost for surgical implant placement is free! If you are not a candidate at one of my courses, I can treat you personally at my studio for a reasonable fee.

Are other types of dental treatment offered at your practice?

While Harmony Implant Studio has a narrower focus than most dental practices, I still may be able to meet your specific needs. I have 20 years of experience with complex cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Many of those procedures go hand-in-hand with dental implant treatment. To learn more, you can:

– Visit the Procedures page for more information.

– Call or use the contact form below to set up an appointment.

– Visit my Virtual Studio & set up a ZOOM consult.

Are you expensive??

I provide a very good value for your money. My fees are less than most. But I do not try to offer the cheapest care in town. As an educator and opinion leader in the field of dental implants, I take enormous pride in my work. That should be good news to you if you are looking for quality, individualized care.

With that said, I still provide care at a surprisingly low price point. I do this by:

     1) limiting the scope of my practice to dental implant procedures, and

     2) leaving dental insurance up to you. See the payment page for more information.

Why is my practice called a studio?

Most dental practices are referred to as an office. I like to refer to mine as a studio, since my practice is a place for teaching, and a place for art. Visit my virtual studio to learn more.